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November 6, 2014

Phipps Hosts “STEM in Action” Teacher Workshop with the Pittsburgh Regional Center for Science Teachers

by Melissa Harding

Welcome Center Night_CREDIT Denmarsh Photography Inc

Careers in STEM are a hot topic right now. There is an increased emphasis on improving and increasing science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills among our citizenry and students in order to help them navigate the modern world and access the opportunities it affords. Research shows the clear benefits of a STEM related post secondary education in the current job market. However, many educators are wondering how they can help their students develop an interest in science and guide them towards this career path. Last night, as part of the “STEM in Action” series sponsored by the Pittsburgh Regional Center for Science Teachers, Phipps offered an evening workshop for local K-12 teachers focused on STEM-based careers at the Conservatory.

Staff from all over the organization volunteered to spend their evening talking with teachers about their work at Phipps and tell the stories of how they ended up here. Melissa Harding, Science Education Specialist, spoke about how Phipps connects families and children to nature; Matt Quenaudon, IPM Specialist, took participants on a tour of the production greenhouses and explained the integral role that pest management plays in the health of our plants; Chris Stejskal, Display Horticulturalist in charge of the Tropical Forest, explained how we maintain such a huge exhibit and took participants on a tour of some of our most interesting and beautiful plants; Dr. Emily Kalnicky, Director of Science Education and Research, spoke about her work studying the human/nature connection all over the world; and Adam Haas, Interpretive Specialist, took participants on a tour of the Center for Sustainable Landscapes and spoke about the importance of interpreting our mission to a diverse audience. The participants all commented on our passionate and articulate staff, all of whom gave great presentations.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this evening a success!

 The above photo was taken by Denmarsh Photography.


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