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November 5, 2014

A Smooth Blue Package

by Melissa Harding


The first challenge of the Fairchild Challenge at Phipps asked participants to give up technology for one day and write a reflective essay about their experience. Middle school students also had the option of writing a poem about their day without electronics. While all the entries were wonderful as always, the first place poem was so unique and lovely that we just had to share it. Congratulations, Elsa, on your win!

A Smooth Blue Package
by Elsa Tonkinwise, The Ellis School

My room cramped fake silent I need to get out away to the open door swings free with a
The world hits me
so much life, alive
jump run dance
The grass is
soft warm tender
lie down
chip chip chip
a scattering of golden wood
Sweet berries
red pink red
Squirrels with
grey plumes of tails
leap follow sprint
So much to
smell hear taste touch

Stand back



The sky envelopes it all in a
smooth blue

 The above photo was used courtesy of NASA.


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