Repurposing Materials in our Programs


In many of our programs, we use repurposed or recycled materials as crafts and program props. We make journals from old cereal boxes and worm viewers from plastic lids. Why do we do this?

At Phipps Conservatory, one part of our mission is to advance sustainability and promote human and environmental well-being. One way we fulfill that is to make sure that consumers are using materials to their full potential.

Our educators collect materials that can be turned into creative artwork, reimagined as a new toy, or simply used again as a functional tool. Our staff uses recycled containers to hold and distribute supplies, to carry new treasures, and many other useful things! As you look at some of our crafts, you may see reused cardboard, plastic bowls, and even buttons or other household items. Our activities are designed to help show the potential in everyday items that families may have at home and that the possibilities for continued use are unlimited.

Please join us in our goal to recycle, reuse, and repurpose as much as we can!

To learn more about how we repurpose program materials, check out these articles:
Giving Glass Jars New Life
Repurposing Plastic Containers
Cardboard Box Creations

The above photo was taken by photography intern Cory Doman.

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