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July 26, 2013

Summer Camp Recap: A Bug’s World and Shutterbugs

by Melissa Harding


Summer Camp Recap is our Friday seasonal segment featuring our summer camp programs. This is the place for camp parents to find pictures of their campers in action and see all the fun things we did all week. It’s also a great place for educators to pick up craft, story and lesson ideas for their own early childhood programs!

This week, we had two morning camps. The first, Shutterbugs, is a photography-based camp from campers 6-7 years of age. The second, A Bug’s World, is an insect-themed camp for campers 4-5 years of age. Both camps are full of crafts, games, stories, songs, and lots of fun!


Shutterbugs uses digital photography to give campers a new way to look at the world around them. Campers learned about perspective, lighting, framing and composition, practicing their skills as they toured the Conservatory. Every day, they viewed at their best photos from the previous day to look for different photographic elements. Campers also colored in black and white photos, created photo props for group pictures and even made their own pin-hole cameras! They loved seeing their skill improve every day.


A Bug’s World takes campers on a journey into the world of arthropods. Campers learned about butterflies, honeybees, ladybugs, grasshoppers, worms and other garden friends. They even got to meet a beekeeper and try on her hat and gloves. Campers went bug hunting every day, finding such neat bugs as a preying mantis, milkweed beetle and loads of potato bugs! Campers loved acting out the lifecycles and singing songs all about each featured critter.

Check out the slide show below for more images from the week!

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For more pictures from Summer Camp, check out our Flickr page!

The above photos were taken by Amanda Joy, Christie Lawry and Hanna Mosca.

July 18, 2012

Photos from the Shutterbugs Gallery

by Melissa Harding

Check out some of the great pictures taken by the Shutterbugs campers.

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 They made great use of perspective, lighting, framing, and composition to create unique images of the Conservatory.
Aren’t they beautiful?

July 17, 2012

Shutterbugs Fly Through Phipps

by Melissa Harding

Last week at Phipps was a flurry of clicking shutters and bright flashbulbs. I am, of course, talking about summer camp. Shutterbugs, our photography camp for 6&7 year-olds, was so much fun! Campers spent the week learning how to create beautiful pictures, taking into account lighting, framing, perspective and composition. They did a great job incorporating these concepts into their pictures.

Campers spent some time in the butterfly room, learning how to use the macro setting on their cameras and utilize their zooms.  Some of the girls found a flower on the ground and used it to get closer to some of the butterflies. Campers learned pretty quickly that insects are tricky to photograph, since they so rarely stay still. They practiced taking action shots, as well as patiently waiting for their subjects to land.

We also set up a portrait studio. Campers made silly portrait props out of recycled materials and used them to take some pretty funny pictures.

It looked so fun that Eva, Christie and I got into the action.

One of our campers even managed to capture a rarely seen side of me: Melissa Hulk!

Needless to say, we got some great pictures this week!

The above photos were taken by Christie Lawry.


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