Bringing Science to the Public at Phipps

by Lorren Kezmoh

DSC_0055 (2)

Last month Phipps was excited to offer a brand new program, Portal to the Public, for graduate students, faculty, staff, and other professionals from across a wide array of scientific fields interested in connecting, and ultimately sharing, their work to diverse public audiences. The goal of the Portal to the Public program is to provide training in science communication to graduate students and other professionals from across scientific disciplines so that they can easily convey their research and occupations to the public in a fun and understandable way, as well as, provide an opportunity for these individuals to apply their training firsthand through public interactions.

DSC_0051 (2)Phipps is proud to be one of several informal science education institutions participating in the Portal to the Public Network and is excited to provide both the science communication training as well as venue for scientists and the public to actively discuss science. Our first round of science communication fellows recently participated in a science communication workshop, facilitated by our Science Education and Research department, where they developed tools for communicating scientific concepts to the public. Our fellows also had the chance to network with colleagues from across a wide array of scientific disciplines and organizations. With the successful completion of our science communication workshop our fellows will next have the opportunity to apply their newly acquired skillset at our “Ask a Scientist” Public Program on Saturday, May 2nd.

From 11:00am until 4:00pm on Saturday, May 2nd our science communication fellows will be in the Tropical Forest Palm Circle sharing their work with visitors to the conservatory. Guests will be able to ask our scientists all about their research and occupations and even have the chance to see the very instruments and equipment utilized everyday by scientists! From environmental microbiology to understanding pain perception, our scientists come from a variety of disciplines and are eager to share the work they love with visitors to Phipps. So if you plan on visiting Phipps for the opening of our Summer Flower Show on May 2nd, don’t forget to stop by the Tropical Forest Palm Circle to chat with our science communication fellows and get the inside scoop on today’s latest scientific research!

Photos taken by Emily Kalnicky.

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