Phipps and ALCOSAN Host Teacher Workshop on Connecting Students With Nature and Conservation

by Lorren Kezmoh

2015_Spring Educators Workshop_Phipps 109

Last month Phipps hosted a teacher workshop for K-12 educators on connecting students with nature and conservation in conjunction with ALCOSAN, Allegheny County Sanitary Authority, a wastewater treatment organization. Entitled “Connecting Students to Nature and Conservation Through Classroom STEAM Activities,” this workshop focused on providing educators with hands-on activities and suggestions that they could apply to their own classrooms for connecting students to nature and conservation. The overall purpose of the workshop was to explain the facets of sustainability and how nature connection plays a role in conservation attitudes and behavioral changes in children and adults alike, as well as, to increase understanding of how built landscapes affect learning and the developmental process of sustainability education.

The workshop included plenty of hands-on activities as well as a special tour of the Center for Sustainable Landscapes. Participating teachers left with not only a working knowledge of how nature connection affects developing conservation attitudes and behaviors, but also with a huge amount of teaching resources, and Act 48 Continuing Professional Education credits. We want to extend a special thanks again to ALCOSAN and all the educators who participated in this exciting workshop!

2015_Spring Educators Workshop_Phipps 071    2015_Spring Educators Workshop_Phipps 031    2015_Spring Educators Workshop_Phipps 070

To learn more about ALCOSAN and to find future workshops, click here!

To learn more about how Phipps Center for Sustainable Landscapes is revolutionizing how we view the built environment, click here!

Photos taken by Phipps Science Education staff and Erica LaMar of ALCOSAN.                   

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