Sprouting Soon: The SEED is Almost Here!

by Melissa Harding


The SEED is almost here! We are getting ready to welcome the newest addition to our Living Building Challenge family of buildings in just a few short weeks. The SEEDclassroom, a portable, sustainable learning space built to Living Building standards, is an innovative way to provide a healthy, happy environment for education. It also provides opportunities for hands-on learning to students of all ages.

In addition, the classroom is net-zero energy, net-zero water, is made of non-toxic materials, includes daylighting, urban agriculture and equity components and creates a space that fosters inspiration, education and beauty. The SEEDclassroom is built to last 100 years.

We are getting more excited as progress is being made on the site and on the modular building itself. We visited our SEED in progress recently and wanted to share these exciting photos of our classroom in production. It’s looking awesome, if we do say so ourselves!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To learn more about the SEEDclassroom and get a sense of what it will look inside and out, check out the website.

To learn more about the Living Building Challenge (LBC), check out this website. Learn more about the LBC at Phipps here.

The above photos were taken by Phipps staff.


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