Little Sprouts Have a Desert Adventure!

by Melissa Harding


Even though it is cold outside, our Little Sprouts spent a day in the desert at Phipps! During our latest Little Sprouts, Our Desert Adventure, campers learned that deserts are hot, dry and full of special plants and animals that love to live there. They explored succulent plants and even planted one of their own to take home. Of course, they also sang songs, met a puppet, and got up close and personal with some plants in the Conservatory.

To begin, campers played in our sand and dirt sensory bins. Young children love to put their hands in the interesting textures and practice their motor skills by filling containers and using funnels and sieves.

After singing out welcome song together, the campers explored their mystery boxes. Inside they found sand, stones, succulent leaves and a picture of a jackrabbit. Campers used magnifying glasses to investigate the sand and rocks and squeezed the water out of leaves from our burrow’s tail plant. They also met our friend Bunny, who introduced them to his desert cousin, the jackrabbit. Campers practiced hopping like jackrabbits and even sang a song about hopping as they did so.

Next, campers and their caretakers worked together to plant jade plugs, gently tucking them into the soil and watering them to take home. After planting, campers ate a healthy snack of apples and bananas while Miss Hanna read a story about different animals that live in the desert. Finally, Miss Hanna introduced the campers to the day’s special plant, a jade, and led an adventure to the desert room to find our plant friend in the garden.

We had so much fun and can’t wait for our next Little Sprouts program in the new year!

To see more images from camp, check out the slideshow below:

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Join us for our next Little Sprouts adventure in 2015! We will be learning all about bugs and why they are so important to plants and people in Our Bug Friends, January 16, 9:30-10:30 am and 11:00 am-noon. Please call Sarah Bertovich to register at 412-422-4441 ext. 3925 or visit our website.

The above photos were taken by Science Education staff and volunteers.


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