In with the Interns: Eight Interns, Six Weeks

by Melissa Harding


In with the Interns is our new segment featuring the 2014 high school interns; this segment will explore what they do, learn and experience this summer. This week we will hear from the interns as they describe the most effecting part of their time at Phipps.

“My overall view of this program is it’s fantastic. I’ve learned so much. Who knew that learning could be so much fun? Getting to work with the horticulture staff was an honor; getting a full taste of what they do everyday was just mind-blowing to me. All of them taking the time to help and guide us through this program taught me so much about Phipps. This program gave me a hands-on experience that will forever be instilled within me. The icing on the cake was our workshops. Not only were they enjoyable, but they taught us about various different things that we can use outside of this program and that’s truly amazing. I want to thank Phipps for giving me this opportunity.”
– Alexis Smith

“The last six weeks have passed more quickly than I ever would have anticipated. Walking in on the first day was similar to the first day of a new grade. There were a couple of kids I knew, but most were strangers to me. The building itself was as intricate and aloof as always. Fast forward to July 30 and I now understand more about not only my fellow interns and the workings of the Conservatory, but also of the world around me. I learned more in the past six weeks here about plants, food, the environment, sustainability, and the calming effects of repetitive physical labor than I usually learn throughout an entire school year. I’m very thankful to have received this opportunity to spend time in this incredible atmosphere.”
– Ahmir Allen

“Wait!! Is this really our sixth week? I guess the saying that you don’t feel time go by when you are doing something you enjoy is really true. I’ve grown so much as a person and have significantly increased my knowledge of the world around me during the six weeks that I spent at Phipps. More than teaching me about plants and the environmental problems, this internship has shown me a deeper meaning of the value of work and achievement. It has also taught me that doing things you never thought you could do and, most importantly doing then well, as best as you can, is one of the most rewarding feelings there is. I will forever be grateful for my time spent here at Phipps and will not forget all the amazing people – horticulturalists, chefs, students, staff and volunteers – that I met here. ”
– Larissa Koumaka

“Over the past six weeks this program has taught me a lot. I learned how to cook and I learned a lot about the environment. I worked with horticulturalists, which was hard but pretty fun. I worked in every single room in the Conservatory, as well as outside. Let me tell you guys, none of the work was easy; it was all challenging, but I fought my way through and did it all. I look up to the horticulturalists because no matter how hard the job is, they never give up. Today was my last day of working with the horticulturalist, so I tried my hardest to do a great job. I’m going to miss this place and every single person I worked with.”
– Ephraim St. Cyr

“I don’t know there isn’t to say about this program. It’s honestly been an amazing experience. It never really set in that I was here and had this opportunity until now. It only happened now because I’m sitting here and writing this post and remembering all the exciting things I’ve done in the past six weeks. Nowhere else could have given me an experience like this, which is why Phipps will always be special to me. From my hands being covered in dirt to having them be completely clean to cook, these past 6 weeks have been phenomenal and I won’t forget them.”
– Dani Einbeth

“This experience at Phipps has been just wonderful and soooo exciting!! Meeting and working with the horticulture staff was one of my favorite components of the internship. The knowledge I have gained from this has made an imprint on my mind about what I could do as a horticulturist at Phipps. The laughs I have shared with my fellow high school interns will be permanently imprinted into my memories. I hope to participate in this internship next summer, so I can help lead new interns down the amazing path that I was able to take.”
– Aaron Sledge

“A previous intern had once told me this was one of the best experiences of her life. I hardly believed that would be the same for me, but after being here for two summers, I honestly feel the same way. Phipps has provided me with amazing opportunities and education as well as allowing me to meet all the great people that make Phipps what it really is.”
– Will Grimm

“Wow! This internship went by so fast, I cannot believe it is over already. I am so glad I got the amazing opportunity to be apart of Phipps this summer. I took on challenges every week here that I never imagined I’d be able to do. And my fear of worms is gone, thank gosh. During this internship I got to work with wonderful horticulture staff; taking on projects like planting, weeding, dead-heading, working with mums and orchids. It was a great experience. Thank to Kate and everyone else who made this possible.”
– Anna Steeley

Thanks to the interns for sharing their experiences with us all summer!

The above photos was taken by Kate Borger.

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