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January 10, 2014

Herbs in Action: Botanists on the Radio!

by Melissa Harding

Fellow_PJR_Radio_1aDuring the September 2013 Botany In Action Science Engagement, BIA fellows shared their stories for a radio program called Herbs In Action. Herbs in Action is a collaboration between Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens and the Saturday Light Brigade* and is made possible by the Mary Jane Berger Memorial Foundation. Each BIA Fellow was interviewed by Sarah Siplak, Director of Programs at Saturday Light Brigade, sharing the story of their work as a research scientist and a significant herb they encountered through their experience as a botanist. You can hear their stories by tuning in to The Saturday Light Brigade  or listen to the archives at the Mary Jane Berger Memorial Fountain.

Hear their stories on the radio:

WRCT 88.3 FM Pittsburgh
WSAJ 91.1 FM Grove City
WNJR 91.7 FM Washington
WIUP 90.1 FM Indiana (6-9am)
WCUC 91.7 FM Clarion
WMCO 90.7 FM New Concord (OH)
PCTV Comcast 21 Pittsburgh, Verizon 47 Greater Pittsburgh (6-9am)

Interviews will be aired at 8:30 AM on Saturdays. Also stay tuned for interviews from the 2012 Fellows as well:

3/22/2014 – Aurelie Jacquet (sage)
3/29/2014 – Anita Varghese (black pepper)
4/5/2014 – Anna Johnson (chicory)
4/12/2014 – Jessica Turner (ginseng)
4/19/2014 – George Meindl (sheep’s sorrel)
4/26/2014 – Samantha Davis (two-leaved toothwort)
5/3/2014 – Kelly Ksiazek (nodding onion)
5/10/2014 – Sushma Shrestha (rhododendron)
5/17/2014 – Anita Varghese (ginger)
5/24/2014 – George Meindl (jewelflower)
5/31/2014 – Lisa Offringa (black pepper)
6/7/2014 – Aurelie Jacquet (himalayan birch)


You can also hear their stories at Phipps Conservatory! Visit the research station located in Tropical Forest India at Phipps Conservatory. Press the buttons on the newly updated Storybox to hear each Fellow’s story.

*The Saturday Light Brigade (SLB) is a public radio program for youth and families based in Pittsburgh. SLB uses radio and audio to encourage, amplify, share and archive the ideas, stories and feelings of children, youth and families. (

Not familiar with the Botany In Action program? Check out our new Follow the Fellows monthly feature!

The above photo was taken by Pam Russell and Amanda Joy.


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