Weekend Nature Challenge: Play in the Snow

by Melissa Harding

Kids snow Molly Steinwaldhghghg

Outside, the flakes swirl down out of the darkness,
turning blackest night to palest grey.
Listen, and you can hear the quiet,
as if every sound had been wrapped up and put away

In the morning, you’ll find the snow has kept a diary
of things that happened when you were asleep.
The animals and birds who ran about the garden
have left a snowy record of their feet.

Snow has covered up the dirt and clutter;
it’s made the world look new and neat and clean.
You forgot the other seasons and their colors;
for now, white seems more beautiful than green.

Snow Song by Nicola Davies

Much of North America has been gifted with quite a bit of snow recently – too much snow, in some places! While it may not be fun to shovel, it sure is fun to play in. Snowball fights, building snowmen, and sled riding are just a few of the fun activities that you can do as a family in the snow. As it turns out, many children are out of school for the winter holidays and there is quite a bit of time to fill before they go back to class. Playing outside in the snow is a great way to get everyone outside and doing something fun together. Not feeling a frolic in the snow? There is still a ton of nature to observe during the winter. In fact, freshly fallen snow is the perfect medium for tracking backyard critters. Look for tracks of squirrel, rabbits, birds and pets; follow them and try to guess what the animal was up to. Add a magnifying glass and field guide to create the perfect naturalist afternoon activity. Head out to your local park or just stay in your backyard – there is evidence of animal life everywhere!

This weekend, we challenge you and your family to spend some time outside in the snow. Bundle up and throw some snowballs, look at some track,s and make some snow angels together. You might have so much fun that you decide to do it every day!

Take the next few days to explore the snowy areas of your neighborhood. Did you find any cool critters or other things of note? Tell us in the comments below.

The above photo was taken by Molly Steinwald.

2 Comments to “Weekend Nature Challenge: Play in the Snow”

  1. Agree with everything about this post! Get outside folks!!!!! Glad you are urging people to spend some time outdoors!

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