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October 25, 2013

Move with Me: Touching Toes with Toddlers!

by Melissa Harding


Physical activity plays an important role in every child’s life; an active lifestyle helps control weight, build lean muscle, build strong bones and decrease the risk of obesity. One way to stay healthy as a family is to be active together, whether it is playing soccer or playing in the woods. With this in mind, Phipps is helping families become healthier through Move With Me, a new series of programs designed to get parents and kids moving together. Move With Me is for children ages 3-4 and their caregivers; this program helps children learn about life cycles, animals and plants through gentle movement exercises that stimulate the senses and teach about the natural world.

October’s theme was water; campers learned about animals that live and move in the water and why water is important. To begin, campers arrived to find several sensory bins with water and ice to play with. They loved using cups and buckets to play in the water! As camp got started, campers and caregivers warmed up together with a series of toe touches, arm reaches and body wiggles. They then pretended to be water using blue and white dance scarves, slithering like water in a river. Next came time to move on the water; campers pretended to move like boats, becoming double boats to play with their caregiver partners, and even became bridges over the moving water!


After a quick snack, campers looked for critters in the lagoon and walked up to the green roof to learn about animals that live in the water. Campers pretended to move like turtles, fish, dolphins and sharks; after each set of motions, they sang a short song about a corresponding animal in the water. The roof was full of singing dolphins and chomping sharks! Finally, campers cooled down with some short visualization and breathing exercises, ending with a rousing rendition of the Goodbye Song.

Check out more images from class in the slideshow below!

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Interested in stretching exercises for kids? Check out this great article from Yoga Journal on embracing fun in movement.

To learn more about healthy activities for your family, check out Let’s Move Pittsburgh’s excellent website for resources.

Our next Move with Me programs are scheduled for November 12, 10:30 am-noon or 1-3 pm. If you would like to sign up your child for a future Move With Me programs, please contact Sarah at (412)441-4442 ext. 3925.

For a complete list of all our season camp offerings, please visit our website. We hope to see you there!

The above photos were taken by Kate Borger.

October 25, 2013

From the Ground Up: Visit to Braddock Farms

by Melissa Harding


As part of the Museums Connect program, made possible by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and administered by the American Alliance of Museums, Phipps is partnering with the Gidan Makama Museums in Kano, Nigeria to provide an immersive experience for 15 local high school students in each city. Participating students will learn about nutrition, cooking and cultural food traditions by following local food from farm to table and will be communicating with students at their partner institutions. This project will last from September to June, resulting in the creation of a community cookbook that will be designed and created by participating students. Students will also meet each month for a Saturday workshop involving activities designed to get them thinking critically about their food system and food culture. Calling themselves the Global Chefs, this group of students is excited to learn more about what food means in their lives.

This month, our Global Chefs visited Braddock Farms, an urban farm located in the steel town of Braddock and the area’s single source of fresh produce. Their host was Jake Seltman, Director of Educational Programming at Grow Pittsburgh, who gave them a tour of the farm itself and the produce stand where they sell the fruits of their labor. The students were delighted by chickens on the farm and remarked on the contrast between the farm they were standing in and the working steel mill behind it. They visited the farm stand to purchase carrots and peppers to take back to the classroom for a snack. They also had a chance to meet Jonathon, a summer intern at Braddock Farms who shared with them his experience working with Grow Pittsburgh.

Back at the classroom, students turned their farm stand veggies into crudités and served them with hummus; for some students, trying hummus was a first! Inspired by their morning in Braddock, students had a spirited conversation about the merits of urban farming, food justice and what Braddock Farms contributes to its community. Students also shared their recipes for this month; the topic was comfort food and students brought in recipes ranging from chocolate pudding to fried plantains. After talking about the importance of eating many of these foods sparingly, students decided that another rare treat, holiday recipes, would be their assignment for next month.

To see more images of the morning, check out the slideshow below!

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The above pictures were taken by Hanna Mosca and Brianna Manfredi.


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