We Say “Goodbye” to Cory: Reflections on a Summer at Phipps

by Melissa Harding


Cory Doman, our very wonderful and very talented photography intern, is leaving us to go back to school for the year. In between her tear drops, she has graciously written the following reflection on her time spent with the Science Education and Research Department.  

Seeing the world through the lens of a camera gives you a different perspective on life. I kept this notion in the back of my head when I started my Photography internship, but I was truly amazed by what I was able to capture at Phipps Conservatory. With each moment paused in a frame, I was able to photograph the very instance of campers expanding their horizons. And what an invaluable instance it was!

Before, I only had experience in photographing still objects. I had always loved the intricacies of flowers and nature. I was fascinated by the complexity each had to offer. I gradually progressed to a different subject during an internship at Penn Brewery. I found how intriguing it was to photograph authentic German cuisine and the brew masters’ process of perfecting their craft.

My first day photographing the campers at Phipps Summer Camp, I was filled with great excitement and apprehension. Thoughts like “What if the kids don’t like me” or “What if I can’t get any of them to smile” ran through my head but the moment I stepped into the new classroom in the CSL building, all of those thoughts quickly faded. I immediately started snapping away at the curious campers digging in the dirt for worms and making mud pies. The smiles and laughter made each day worth while.

I found that as each camp continued throughout the week, I became more adaptable to the age group and learned how to interact with the kids for that golden shot. I also found that a higher shutter speed, natural light, and a big goofy smile made for the best photos. I was an object of curiosity to the campers as each one was to me as I watched the group make discoveries about the world around them.

Being in an environment that has so many resources available, Phipps is a horticultural menagerie where these campers can learn how to grow a sustainable garden, cook nutritious meals, and live a healthy life style all at a young age. As I interacted with these students each day, I know I was part of something greater than I had ever imagined when I first started: a new age of wonderfully brilliant and passionately curious learners. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with the Science and Education Team. I could not have asked for a better experience.

Thank you!


Cory was such a wonderful part of our summer camp team this year! She is a kind, lovely person and a pleasure to work with. We are all in awe of her talent behind the camera. She will be very much missed and we wish her all the success in the world!!

To read more about Cory, check out her staff page.
The above photo of Cory was taken by Christie Lawry and the bottom photo was taken by Cory Doman.

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