In with the Interns: Eight Interns, Six Weeks

by Melissa Harding


“These seven interns shown here in the above image along with myself in the photo has shown myself that everyone is not the same, in a good way. We all come from backgrounds and lifestyles. Brought all together for six weeks, we accomplished weekly goals, worked with the happiest and smartest horticulture staff and grew as individuals. I am glad that as a returning intern, I grew as a better person and more aware of the environment around me.” – Kiehl Jackson

In with the Interns is our new segment featuring the 2013 high school interns; this segment will explore what they do, learn and experience this summer. This week we will hear from the interns themselves as they describe the most effecting part of their time at Phipps.


“This summer spent at Phipps made me realize that we have everything we need to live happy lives around us – the world at its simplest form, with the plants, flowers and bees on the ground, the blue sky, the calm and rushing rivers offers us a beautiful and healthy way of life.” – Larissa


“Phipps internship has been a wonderful summer experience for me. Without it, my summer would have been spent on my couch, which is pretty boring. Being a Phipps intern has introduced me to many wonderful experiences and people. I am glad that I applied and became an intern here at Phipps.”  –  Kausar


“When I first came here I was looking from an engineering standpoint. Phipps has totally changed my perspective on the world I am living in and has made me more conscious and open minded to all the opportunities and green careers that are out there.” – Garreth

“At Phipps the most important thing I learned about it global awareness. I chose global awareness because not too many people are aware of global issues and Phipps has taught something about making changes to the daily things I do to improve the environment. Even I know like 1% about global awareness, just that 1% is making me make some changes to things I do regularly for the sake of the Earth’s future.” – Franck


“This internship has not only left me with a vast knowledge of plant life, but opened the doors to several green careers by actively engaging us in community service and environmental culture.” – Will

Ian by Kiehl

“Being here at Phipps doing this internship has been so amazing to me. The new friends, lifelong memories, provoking thoughts and ideas and the different ways of life that I’ll never forget. This was all so beneficial to me, it ties in every things I did since I started here and it will always have a lifelong effect on me.” – Ian

To hear more from this summer’s interns, check out the interview they did with The Allegheny Front about how they might reduce food waste in their live.

The above photos were taken by Kate Borger and Kiehl Jackson.

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