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July 29, 2013

In with the Interns: Week Five

by Melissa Harding

Frittatas by Rosemarie Perla

In with the Interns is our new segment featuring the 2013 high school interns; this segment will explore what they do, learn and experience this summer. Written by Kate Borger, this segment will also feature original words and artwork from the interns.

As anyone over the age of 35 knows, time races by way too fast.  In the case of the Phipps high school interns, they have discovered this truth early on by way of this six week internship that is almost over.  It’s hard to believe how much they’ve done, how many ideas and issues they’ve been exposed to, and yet how much more we’d like to squeeze into the program with only one week left.

This past week took them to Nine Mile Run in Frick Park where they not only learned about the  water issues facing our region, but were able to contribute by joining with the Phipps college interns and staff from Nine Mile Run Watershed Association to remove invasive plants along the restoration trail.

Working alongside Phipps horticulture staff, the interns got an in-depth look at Integrated Pest Management with our own bug guy, Scott Creary, and they were introduced to the complexities of fracking with a viewing of the documentary, Gasland.   As usual, Thursday’s featured activity was cooking with fresh, healthy produce.  Slow Food Pittsburgh chefs, Rosemarie Perla, Emily Schmidlapp and Amy Baer guided the interns through the very useful process of making frittatas, in this case using kale and zucchini grown in Phipps’ Edible Garden.

The internship program, not only provides hands-on work experience in Phipps Conservatory’s glass house and gardens, but is intended to open their horizons to pressing environmental issues- both local and global- and inspire them to become stewards of the environment through making sustainable choices, personally and perhaps in their studies and careers that await them.  There’s only so much you can squeeze into six weeks, but this extraordinary group of eight teenagers have managed to absorb every drop they’ve been offered.

The above photo was taken by Rosemarie Perla.


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