In with the Interns: Week Three

by Melissa Harding

In with the Interns is our new segment featuring the 2013 high school interns; this segment will explore what they do, learn and experience this summer. Written by Kate Borger, this segment will also feature original words and artwork from the interns.

So much information, so many ideas and inspiring activities packed into four days – that was the third week of the Phipps High School internship.  Working with the Phipps horticulture and science education staff is stimulating and educational enough, but this week was also loaded with a broad range of classes and field trips.  Monday afternoon brought University of Pittsburgh PhD candidate, Marnin Wolfe, to Phipps to wow interns with a class entitled “Why Plants Rule.”

At the nursery

Tuesday morning took our group of eight to the TreePittsburgh nursery in North Point Breeze where arborist, Matt Erb, led a street tree I.D. tour and provided opportunities for the interns to give back to the community by weeding the nursery grounds so that the young trees will grow into healthy saplings, ready to be planted throughout numerous Pittsburgh parks and neighborhoods.

Phipps Internship Photography Steinwald

The afternoon was spent in a photography workshop taught by Phipps Science Education and Research Director, Molly Steinwald. Nature photography and documenting the experience has been part of the high school internship program for several years now, and the spectacular results taken by last year’s interns is on display now in the Center for Sustainable Landscapes gallery space.

At TreePittsburgh nursery

On Wednesday, after a morning of work with the horticulture staff, our interns discovered the intricacies of a career in botany and combining interest in science with other disciplines by visiting Dr. Steve Tonsor’s research lab at the University of Pittsburgh, exposing the interns to yet another option for their future studies.

Phipps Internship Tonsor Lab Botany

The week didn’t end there.  Our Thursday cooking workshop was a celebration of fresh vegetables with the creation of Roasted Vegetable Hoagies as conducted by Eat’n Park’s Director of Sourcing and Sustainability, Jamie Moore, along with assistant chefs, Nancy Hanst and Alyce Amery-Spencer.  All in all, a fabulous, fun and informative week for the high school interns!

The above photos were taken by Kate Borger, Molly Steinwald, and the high school interns.

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