In with the Interns: Meet the 2013 High School Interns

by Melissa Harding

Planting (2)

In with the Interns is our new segment featuring the 2013 high school interns; this segment will explore what they do, learn and experience this summer. Written by Kate Borger, this segment will also feature original words and artwork from the interns.

How many teenagers can say they spent their summer being paid to learn, to cook with fresh produce, and to open their minds to concepts of sustainability and the importance of plants in our lives?  For Phipps’ eight high school interns, the bragging rights include planning, planting and maintaining vegetable beds, working throughout the Conservatory under the guidance of our stellar horticulture team and absorbing numerous green ideas through field trips, documentary films and discussions with our Science Education staff.  We’ll be following their activities on this blog as the internship unfolds, but first, a quick introduction to the 2013 Phipps High School Interns.

At the table

Kiehl Jackson and Lauryn Robinson, both seniors at Woodland Hills High School, are returning for their second year in the program.  Their enthusiasm and hard work last summer made them the perfect leaders for the six new interns.

Franck Fotie and Larissa Koumaka, students at Allderdice High School (junior and senior, respectively) come to the Phipps internship with some experience in growing vegetables, along with an interest in the multiple benefits of gardening. In addition, both are bilingual French speakers!

Hailing from CAPA high school, Will Grimm and Kausar Shaikh, a junior and senior, respectively, are gifted students of the visual arts, but their interest in helping the environment, as well as their appreciation for the beauty of nature, brought them to Phipps for the summer.

Garreth Campbell attends Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy where, as a senior, his interest in engineering and sustainability supports his understanding of our new Center for Sustainable Landscapes and the other remarkable green features of Phipps.

Ian Snyder just graduated from Propel Andrew Street High School where he was involved with bee keeping, in keeping with his love of nature and sincere concern for the environment.

This first week of the internship revealed their true colors: hard-working, thoughtful and green!

The above photos were taken by Kate Borger.

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