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June 14, 2013

Upcoming Seasonal Programs: Sprouts, Ed-Ventures and More!

by Melissa Harding


Summer has only just begun, but we are already preparing for the fall and beyond. Our new rack card is hot off the presses and we wanted to share our upcoming programs with you.
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Rack Card

The above photo was taken by our photography intern, Cory Doman.

June 14, 2013

Summer Camp Recap: We Like Dirt

by Melissa Harding


Summer Camp Recap is our Friday seasonal segment featuring our summer camp programs. This is the place for camp parents to find pictures of their campers in action and see all the fun things we did all week. It’s also a great place for educators to pick up craft, story and lesson ideas for their own early childhood programs!

This week was the first week of 2013 summer camps! Kicking them off is Little Sprouts: We Like Dirt. Campers learned what dirt is, where is comes from and who lives in it. They spent the week exploring the ecosystem under the ground, playing games, singing songs and crafting with mud. What is more fun than making mud pies?


Day one focused on what makes dirt. Campers decorated summer camp shirts with their very own handprints, using brown fabric paint. While not everybody liked the feeling of “mud” on their hands, they sure had fun! Next, they learned what makes up dirt, from plant roots to rocks. They made mud and painted with it to make mud paintings and went on a dirt scavenger hunt in the Conservatory.

Day two was all about the critters that call the dirt their home. Campers made mud pies out of clay, mud and flowers. Next, they got up close and personal with a spider, a cockroach, and a few friendly pill bugs. Campers dug in the dirt in the Edible Garden and found worm friends in the soil.


Day three was all about worms and compost. Campers used cooked spaghetti to make “worm tracks” with paint. During the lesson, they learned what compost is and how it is made. They each studied their very own worm, looking inside its body with a flashlight to see the dirt moving through its belly, and got to reach inside our worm composter.

Day four was all about plants. Campers printed animal tracks with sponges. They learned the parts of a plant and how each part works. They looked at roots in a root viewer and got to plant their own carrots. Campers went on a critter hunt in the Conservatory and found a few new friends living in the soil.

Overall, we had a really fun week!

If you would like to read and learn about dirt with your own Sprout, here are some book suggestions:
I’m Dirty by Kate and Jim McMullan
Harry the Dirty Dog
by Gene Zion
The Piggy in the Puddle
by Charlotte Pomerantz
Ants in Your Pants
by Sue Heap
Inch by Inch
by Leo Leonni
Wonderful Worms
by Linda Glaser
The Curious Garden
by Peter Brown

If you would like to complete your own worm study at home, check out our post on backyard worms!

Check out the slide show below for more pictures!

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The above pictures were taken by our photography intern, Cory Doman.


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