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April 19, 2013

Weekend Nature Challenge: What’s Blooming in Your Neighborhood?

by Melissa Harding

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The springtime’s pallid landscape
Will glow like bright bouquet,
Though drifted deep in parian
The village lies today.

The lilacs, bending many a year,
With purple load will hang;
The bees will not forget the tune
Their old forefathers sang.

The rose will redden in the bog,
The aster on the hill
Her everlasting fashion set,
The covenant gentians frill,

Till summer folds her miracle
As women do their gown,
Or priests adjust the symbols
When sacrament in done.

Emily Dickinson

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If March went out like a lion, then April came in like a lamb.  Pittsburgh has been floating through this month on balmy breezes! All of this warmth and sunshine means that spring flowers have been waking up quickly; crocuses, daffodils, hyacinths are popping open all over the place. A sea of yellow and purple has drifted over our city’s front yards and flower barrels. This weekend, we would like challenge you and your family to investigate the flowers that are blooming in your own neighborhood. Are there any dogwood trees or redbuds in bloom? How about dandilions popping up through the grass? Take a walk through your community together and look closely for signs of forming buds and blooming flowers.

Take the next few days to explore your neighborhood and see what’s in bloom. What flowers did you discover with your child? Did you see anything else of note? Tell us in the comments below.

The above picture was taken by Melissa Harding in her front yard.


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