Weekend Nature Challenge: Haikus for Spring

by Melissa Harding


Green grass in April
Birds begin to sing in trees
Children playing outside

Birds and bees flying
Soft blades of grass on my feet
New flowers blooming

I hear birds singing.
Birds are chirping everywhere.
Their wings touch the sky.

(Three spring haikus from the third graders at Pocantico Hills School)
Spring has finally found its way to Pittsburgh. After all of the snow and cold that we have had around here this winter, it is about time! In celebration of spring being sprung, we would like to challenge you to write a nature haiku with your child this weekend. A haiku is a poem written in three simple lines. The only catch is that each line has a certain number of syllables, 5-7-5, to be exact. So short that it can be said in one breath, it is meant to capture a moment in time. See the above examples for inspiration.

Take the next few days to explore your neighborhood and then send us your captured moments in haiku form.
What new things did you discover with your child? Tell us in the comments below.

The above photo of a sprouting crocus is copyrighted by Molly Steinwald.

What do you think?

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