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February 13, 2013

Campers Celebrate Valentine’s Day!

by Melissa Harding


Though many people may think of Valentine’s Day as just another holiday that is meant to sell cards, it is much more than that. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show loved ones how much they mean; not just significant others, but also friends, family, co-workers and neighbors. It is always wonderful to remind other people that they are special! This is an especially important holiday to celebrate with children, as it teaches the importance of both having and showing gratitude and love for others. We joined in the fun last weekend as we celebrated love and friendship with 17 campers during our Celebrate! Valentine’s Day program. Campers learned the importance of showing love to both people and the environment, all while making crafts, playing games and exploring the Conservatory.


To begin, campers used recycled cards and paper, stickers, sparkles and more to make beautiful valentines for friends and family. Magazine pictures from seed catalogues, bits of mylar balloon, heart doilies, and colorful yarn added a finishing touch. This lead into a discussion about the importance of showing others that we care, including plants and animals; campers learned that not only do we love plants, but they love us back by providing us with air, food, medicine and many other things. Campers then made a valentine for a plant, shaping a compostable pot out of recycled paper; they decorated strips of paper and used wooden pot makers to create pots for Philodendron plugs. The heart-shaped leaves of the Philodendron will remind campers that people and plants love each other.

By then, it was time for a snack! Campers made healthy fruit dip out of yogurt and cocoa powder, using strawberry and banana pieces as dippers. To learn more about how chocolate is made, campers visited the Fruit and Spice Room, focusing on the cocoa tree.


Finally, campers all made bird feeder valentines for their animal friends; campers put cereal on pipe cleaners, shaping each into a heart and stringing several in a row to make hanging feeders. Adults can hang these feeders from a tree in the yard and the whole family can enjoy their new feathered friends!

Even if you were not able to be a part of our Celebrate!, here are some easy ideas for valentines to make with your child:
1. Bird Feeders: Make your own version of our bird feeder and others; the birds will love you! The Crafty Crow
2. Newspaper Hearts: Recycled materials are a valentine for the whole Earth! You are my fave
3. Heart Garland: Give your house some love, too! Maya * Made
4. Seed Packet Valentines: Spread seeds and help beautify someone’s home or garden. One Crafty Place
5. Coffee Filter Hearts: Fun and compostable! The Artful Parent

If you missed this program and would like to join us next month for Celebrate! Nature Beauty, please contact Sarah Bertovich at (412)-441-4442 ext. 3925. For a complete list of all our spring programs, please visit our website.

Check out the slide show below for more pictures!

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The above pictures were taken by Pam Russell.


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