Herbs in Action: Botanists on the Radio!

by Melissa Harding

Phipps Science Education_BIA (5)

This Saturday, the next installment of the Herbs in Action radio program will hit the airwaves. If you are new to this space, the Herbs in Action radio program is a project created by the Phipps Botany in Action fellows .  In order to share their science stories with the community, BIA fellows were interviewed for The Saturday Light Brigade. (You may remember that our Fairchild Challenge winners in the middle school category are all interviewed on SLB every month as well). The Saturday Light Brigade  is a Pittsburgh family radio station; “SLB Radio Productions, Inc. (SLB) uses radio and audio to encourage, amplify, share and archive the ideas, stories, and feelings of children, youth and families.” BIA fellows shared stories about a plant that they have had a personal connection with through their work as scientists, creating a series of Herbs In Action stories. You can hear their stories by tuning in to The Saturday Light Brigade  or listen to the archives at the Mary Jane Berger Memorial Fountain.

Herbs in Action – Airtime schedule on The Saturday Light Brigade:  All spots air at 9:05am. This radio program is available throughout Western PA, Eastern OH and streaming online.

For a full list of affiliates and options visit: slbradio.org/listen

1/26 – Anita Varghese – Ginger
2/2 – George Meindl – Jewelflower
2/9 – Lisa Offringa – Black Pepper
2/16 – Aurelie Jacquet – Himalayan Birch

Not familiar with the Botany In Action program? Check out our new Follow the Fellows monthly feature!

The above photo was taken by Molly Steinwald.

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